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Titanic's Officers

Recommended Websites

  • Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic passenger and crew biographies, Titanic pictures, exclusive research articles and ongoing discussions about the Titanic disaster.

    Murdoch of the Titanic

    While it seems this has not been updated since 1999, Murdoch's hometown of Dalbeattie has an official page run by Richard Edkins with a large amount of material on William Murdoch. Although caution is urged regarding some of the content.

    William McMaster Murdoch

    Murdoch biographer's Susan Stormer's website. Originally in German it has a limited English section.

    Titanic Inquiry Project

    Electronic, fully searchable transcripts of the complete U.S. Senate and British Board of Trade inquiries, and reports, into the sinking of the S.S. 'Titanic.'

    The Truth About the Titanic

    An open library digital version of Archibald Gracie's account, published shortly after he died in 1913.

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I am most grateful to the variety of books, websites and other reference material from which a large part of this research was sourced. Please note it is possible that links may expire as some were accessed prior to 2000.

Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions and corrections to this continuing research:

Petra Feyahn
Tiphaine Hirou
Senan Molony
Wendy Murdoch Roberts
Bill Wormstedt
Guilherme Neves
Tracey McIntyre
Steven Leather
Tracey Smith
George Jacub
Ioannis Geogiou
George Behe
Inger Sheil
Paul Lee
Richard Edkins
Nicola Foster
Joan and Stephen O'Brien
Thomas Krom

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