Sixth Officer James Paul Moody

Age: 24
Height: 5'11" (185.42cm)
Complexion: Fair
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Other: None

Notes: Moody is listed as 5 ft 11 (1907-1911), fair complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. Unlike the other officers, there are no variations in height or other details in his applications, all are exactly the same.

Biographical Information:


From a middle class background, there was nothing to suggest a career at sea for James Moody except that his hometown of Scarborough was on England's North Sea coast. A studious and well respected man, he was a budding fiction author. He failed once on his First Mate application, and then failed twice when applying for his Masters certificate. The 24-year-old became Titanic's Sixth Officer and famously replied with a polite "thank you" to the lookout's call of an iceberg ahead. He had earlier calculated they would reach the reported ice by 11pm, a calculation that Second Officer Lightoller had at the time discounted.

He worked hard evacuating several port and starboard lifeboats and gave up his command of lifeboat 16 to another and was last seen helping with the launch of collapsible A. His body was never recovered - but if it had been the White Star Line would have callously charged the family to return it to England. There were rumours over his death and memorials were held; even the creator of Sherlock Holmes paid tribute to the youngest officer -and only junior officer - to be lost.