Second Officer C.H.Lightoller - Film Portrayals

Herbert Tiede (1943) — Titanic (German)

Herbert Tiede (3 March 1915 – 12 January 1987) was a German actor who appeared
in more than one hundred films from 1943 to 1975.
You can view the 1943 film in full here.

Edmund Purdom (1953) — Titanic

Lightoller (left) played by actor Edmund Purdom on the bridge talking to Captain Smith in the 1953 Titanic.) Edmund Purdom (19 December 1926 – 1 January 2009) was an English actor, voice artist, and director.

Edmund Purdom as Lightoller (right) is shown with a life jacket on during the lifeboat launching and with a megaphone.

Neil North (1956) — "A Night to Remember" (TV)

Neil North as Lightoller (right) with Captain Smith in the
Kraft Television Theatre live TV show "A Night to Remember" (American TV).

Kenneth More (1958) — A Night to Remember

Arguably the most famous film portrayal is Kennth More, (20 September 1914 – 12 July 1982) in the 1958 British film, "A Night to Remember" in which Lightoller is a leading role.

In Kenneth More's version, Lightoller is shown firing his gun during the port side loading of the lifeboats.

Kenneth More (right) as second officer Lightoller after the sinking, with Carpathia captain Rostron.

"A Night to Remember" has the distinction of also showing Lightoller's wife, Sylvia (left), played by Jane Downs (1935–2015).

Left - Lightoller and Roston in an actual photograph aboard the Carpathia. Right: More as Lightoller in the 1958 film, with Anthony Bushell as Rostron aboard the Carpathia. (Click image to enlarge)

Malcolm Stoddard (1979) — S.O.S. Titanic (TV film)

British actor Malcolm Stoddard (born 20 July 1948) as Lightoller in the TV film "S.O.S. Titanic"

Kevin McNulty (1996) — Titanic (TV miniseries)

Canadian-born actor Kevin McNulty (born 1955) played Lightoller in the 1996 2 part TV series "Titanic".

Kevin McNulty in the 1996 "Titanic."

Jonathan Phillips (1997) — Titanic

British actor Jonathan (Jonny) Phillips (born 1963) as second officer Lightoller
in James Cameron's epic film "Titanic" (1997).

Jonny Phillips as Lightoller asking Captain Smith about ordering the lifeboats
to be loaded.

Jonny Phillips's Lightoller is shown waving around an unloaded gun in the film.

Steven Waddington (2012) — Titanic (TV series/4 episodes)

Steven Waddington is an English film and television actor, as Lightoller in the four-part television miniseries written by Julian Fellowes.

Steven Waddington (left) as Lightoller with Captain Smith.

Mark Rylance (2017) — Dunkirk 

Although not named Lightoller in the film (renamed as "Mr. Dawson") the character is directly inspired by Lightoller's actions to save solidiers during the evacuation of Dunkirk. Mark Rylance (born 1960) plays the character in the film by Christopher Nolan.

Mark Rylance as the Lightoller inspired character in the film.

In "Dunkirk" the vessel is named "Moonstone" rather than the "Sundowner". Mark Rylance plays the Lightoller inspired character in the film.