Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall
- Film Portrayals

Jack Watling - "A Night to Remember" (1958)

Jack Watling (13 January 1923 – 22 May 2001)

Jack Watling as Boxhall discussing the 'mystery ship'

Jack Watling as Boxhall (right) using binoculars.

Fourth officer Boxhall was a technical consultant on the film, but the role of Boxhall is a limited one

Warren Clarke "S.O.S. Titanic" TV movie (1979)

Warren Clarke as Boxhall - second from the right - in "S.O.S. Titanic" (1979)

Gerard Plunkett "Titanic" TV miniseries (1996)

Gerard Plunkett as Boxhall (left) talking to First officer Murdoch.

Boxhall is inaccurately portrayed as going down with the ship (due to his character being merged with that of Sixth Officer James Moody.)

Simon Crane "Titanic" (1997)

Simon Crane as Boxhall

Simon Crane (born 1960) is a British stuntman, stunt coordinator, second unit director and film director. He was the stunt coordinator for the 1997 "Titanic" and also played the role of Fourth officer Boxhall, including several lines of dialogue.

Simon Crane as Boxhall telling the occupants of lifeboat no.2 to "pull faster". The image is based on a painting by Ken Marschall, in which the open gangway doors can be seen in the background (below).

Simon Crane as Boxhall telling the occupants of lifeboat no.2 to "pull faster" with the open gangway doors in the background.

Boxhall appears in scenes such as on the bridge and being ordered by Captain Smith to put the ship's engines to a stop following the collision. He's also in charge of firing the flares and lifeboat No.2. Boxhall only has two lines which occurs in the scenes: "Right, sir!" on the bridge and "Bloody pull faster and pull!" on the lifeboat while Titanic's stern rises dangerously behind him.

Cian Barry "Titanic" TV miniseries (2012)

Cian Barry as Boxhall in the 2012 TV miniseries.

Boxhall is seen during the boarding sequence of Episode Three where he tells Peter Lubov that he is at the Second Class entrance, and that he should move to the Third Class entrance. He is on the bridge during Chief Officer Wilde and First Officer Murdoch differing viewpoints on the ships speed and during the collision with the iceberg. He then wakes up Second Officer Lightoller and tells him about the collision. During the evacuation, he doesn't allow Second Class women and children in the boats, which causes Paolo Sandrini to get into Boxhall's face about his behavior towards the other passengers. Murdoch shows up and orders Boxhall to load in Second Class passengers. He is last seen trying not to allow Grace Rushton's dog or Astor's dog into the lifeboat, but Grace ignores him and enters the boat with the dogs.