Fifth Officer Harold Lowe
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A rare photograph of Harold Lowe aged 18 in RNR rating
uniform c.1904. Image: Henry Alridge & Sons.
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Harold Lowe in his Elder Dempster uniform.
He worked for the line 1906 - 1910

Lowe photographed in 1909 in his Elder Dempster
officers uniform. Photograph: Henry Aldrige & Sons
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A young looking Lowe in his White Star uniform, signed "H.G.Lowe".
Photograph: Henry Aldridge & Sons.
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Lowe in his White Star officers uniform, holding
a pair of gloves.

A postcard of Lowe in his White Star officers uniform.
(Credit: Cavalier Postcards, courtesy of Conner Nelson)

Lowe in his White Star officers uniform.

Harold Lowe in his RNR uniform (Henry Aldridge & Son)

Lowe as portrayed in contemporary 1912 US newspapers.

A decidely unhappy Lowe, as shown in contemporary newspaper reports.

A photograph of Lowe during the Senate Inquiry,
as printed in the Evening Star on April 25, 1912
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Harold Lowe arrives in Liverpool. Getty Images. (Click image to enlarge)

11th May 1912 Liverpool docks. The man in the centre of the picture is Fifth officer Lowe. Photo by Topical Press Agency Getty Images. (Click image to enlarge)

The Daily Sketch caption for this photograph: "Mr H.G.Lowe, the fifth officer of the Titanic, with his father and sister. Mr Lowe was the officer who fired his revolver" (The Daily Sketch, 13th May 1912)

Another angle also shows Lowe meeting his father at the Liverpool docks.

A close up of Harold Lowe
from the studio photograph.

A close up of Harold Lowe, from the studio photograph.

A photograph of Harold Lowe post-Titanic disaster.

Harold Lowe with his friend and champion sculler Harry Pearce. He is apparently wearing the watch chain and sovereign he received in recognition for his efforts during the Titanic disaster. Courtesy of Inger Sheil/Lowe family collection. (Click image to enlarge)

Harold Lowe in his full RNR uniform, including his bicorn hat and sword. Image: Inger Sheil/Titanic Valour (Click image to enlarge)

Lowe is pictured looking very happy with his two children, the one year old Harold William George Lowe and three year old Florence Josephine Lowe
(Tumblr/Titanic Valour/Inger Sheil)

Harold Lowe's 1919 ID photograph (National Archives)

Officer Harold Lowe photographed with a background of lifeboats (Henry Aldridge & Son)

Lowe photographed with an impressive catch of fish.

Lowe was released from the RNR with the rank of Lieutenant Commander

Lowe in later life, after his retirement
(Tumblr/Titanic Valour/Inger Sheil).