Fifth Officer Harold Lowe
- Timeline


20 April

Father George Edward Lowe, born in Chester


24 March

Mother Emma Harriet Quick born


Older brother George Ernest Lowe born


Older sister Ada Florence born


21 November

Harold Godfrey Lowe born in Eglwys Rhos, Conwy, Wales

c. 1883/84

Younger sister Annie May born


20 September

Younger brother Edgar Reginald born


16 April

Ellen (Nellie) Marion Whitehouse born


27 December

Friday: Harold's eldest brother, 17-year-old George drowned in a boating accident


14 September

Harold took his father's punt out on the Aberamffra Bay during bad weather and capsized. Harold managed to swim ashore.


Aged 15, Lowe ran away from his home in Barmouth


Starts working aboard a schooner on the Welsh coast.

c. 1900

Works on the Merrion Lass, ordinary seaman


28/05 - 30/10

William Keith, ordinary seaman, Ireland/Wales


22/01 - 18/06

British Queen, OS

21/06 - 04/04/1902

Cortez, AB, Iquique


20/05 - 28/01/1903

Balasore, OS


11/03- 27/05/1904

Ormsary - Australia


27/05 - 06/08

On Drill Royal Navy Reserve

06/08 - 21/11

SS Prometheus (Alfred Holt line)

10 November

Collision involving SS Prometheus (Alfred Holt line) in Amsterdam, with the Pectan.



Board of Trade Inquiry witness, for collision involving SS Prometheus (Alfred Holt line)

05/03 - 12/10

SS Telemachus (Alfred Holt line), AB, to Seattle via Japan


29th of January

23-year old Lowe sat the examination for his Second Mate certificate in Liverpool and failed ("rules of the road")

17/02 - 06/05

SS Justin (J.R.Ellerman line)

29/05 - 23/07

SS Fabian (J.R.Ellerman line), Mediterranean ports


Passed Second Mates certificate

03/10 - 03/12

SS Ardeola, (Yeoward Brothers), Third officer, Canary Islands

19/12 - 15/03/1907

SS Chama, 4th Officer, (Elder Dempster), West Africa


03/03 - 15/04/1908

SS Bonny, Third Officer, (Elder Dempster), West Africa, 4 voyages



Sits for First Mate's Certificate - Fails


Sits for First Mate's Certificate - Passes


SS Madeira, Second Officer, (Elder Dempster), West Africa


SS Oron, (Elder Dempster), West Africa


21st March

Lowe's mother Harriet had a stroke, fell into a coma and died

1/06 - 14/08/1910

SS Addah, (Elder Dempster), West Africa



Sits for Master's Certificate - fails


Sits for Master's Certificate - passes

10/12 - 18/03/1911

SS Zaria (Elder Dempster), West Africa


8th April

Joins the White Star Line

22/04 - 19/09,

SS Tropic, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia

22/09 - 21/02/1912

SS Belgic, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia



Assigned to RMS Titanic, Fifth Officer, White Star Line, New York

26 March

Lowe reported to White Star's Liverpool offices at nine o'clock in the morning

27 March

Travels to board Titanic at Belfast

2 April

During Titanic's sea trials, Lowe was "instructed by Mr. Murdoch, the then Chief Officer of the ship" to "look at the boats at Belfast and see that they were all there".

10 April

Lowe assists in the lowering of two of the starboard lifeboats to satisfy the Board of Trade that Titanic met safety regulations.

Noon Titanic departs - Lowe was on the bridge, relaying messages to various parts of the ship by telephone.

14 April

8pm Sixth officer Moody relieves Fifth officer Lowe.

11.40pm Lowe is asleep in his quarters when the ship hits the iceberg. He remains asleep through the collision, but wakes up 30 minutes later.

15 April

12.30am Third Officer Pitman charges Lowe with loading lifeboat No. 5.

12.40am Lowe assists loading and lowering of lifeboat 7

12.45am Lowe assists lowering of lifeboat 5

12.55am Lowe assists loading and lowering of lifeboat 3

1.05am Lowe assists loading and lowering of lifeboat 1

1.25am Lowe assists loading and lowering of lifeboat 14 and takes command

c.3.00am Lowe is the only officer to return to look for survivors after the sinking. In total there were four men taken out of the water, one of whom dies later that night.

Lifeboat 14, with Lowe in charge, is rescued by the Carpathia

16 April

Hoyt's body (rescued by Lowe) was buried at sea from Capathia according to The New York Times of 27 April 1912

18 April

Carpathia reaches New York

24 April

Lowe gives evidence at Senate Inquiry

30 April

Senator Smith makes a statement regarding Lowe being a "teetotaler"

2 May

Lowe boards the Adriatic on return to England

9 May

A statement is read out at the Senate Inquiry via the Italian ambassador regarding allegations of racism in which Lowe requests to "cancel the word 'Italian' and substitute the words immigrants belonging to latin races'". 

11 May

Arrived in Liverpool, UK, aboard the Adriatic and is met by his father George Lowe and sister Ada.

22 May - 23 May

Lowe gave evidence at the British Inquiry

6 June

Appointed an "acting" (probationary) sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Reserve.

21 June

Upon his return to his home town of Barmouth 1,300 people attend a reception held in his honour at the Picture Pavilion. He is presented with a commemorative gold watch.

06/07 - 31/07

RMS Medic, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia

03/08 - 01/12

RMS Medic, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia

13/12 - 19/12

Briefly listed as aboard the SS Afric, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia

20/12 - 12/04/1913

SS Gothic, Third Officer, White Star Line, Australia


03/05 - 31/05

His White Star Line record lists him as on Navy "Drill"

14th June

Appointed Sub Lieutenant in the RNR

23rd June

Third Titanic inquiry, in the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London, during which Lowe restated most of what he had already confirmed during the previous investigations

09/07 - 26/02/1914

SS Cornishman, Second Officer, Montreal - 6 voyages

24 September

Harold married Ellen Marion Whitehouse in St Paul's Church in Colwyn Bay



Sub-Lieutenant, HMS Hogue, RNR training


Sub-Lieutenant, HMS Excellent, RNR training


Sub-Lieutenant, HMS Victory, RNR training


Trained aboard the HMS Implacable in Sheerness

20 November

Daughter Florence Josephine Edge, better known as "Josie" was born



Promoted to Lieutenant


02/01 - 20/4/17

Lieutenant HMS Donegal, RNR patrolling

21 March

Son Harold William George born


01/04 - 6/5

Lieutenant, HMS Excellent

17/05 - 10/06/19

Lieutenant, HMS Suffolk

10th June



4 July

The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard, print an article entitled "Swamped in the Bay - Titanic Hero's Experience": Lowe was clinging to the boat with one hand and with the other he held a boy from going under.

20/11 - 29/12

SS Tucoman, First Officer (Frederick Leyland), Portland


09/01 - 26/04

SS Cedric, 2nd Officer, (White Star Line), New York (2 voyages)

18/08 - 08/04/1921

SS Dominion, First Officer, (Dominion Line), Quebec, Montreal, New York and Portland


13 May

Initiated as a freemason, St Trillo Lodge

12/11 - 26/11

HMS Defiance, Lieutenant, Torpedo School Ship


HMS Vivid, Lieutenant, Torpedo School Ship


13/05 - 27/12

SS Gallic, Chief Officer, White Star Line, Australia and New Zealand (7 voyages)


20th November

Promoted to Commander RNR


03/04 - 24/05

SS Canada, First Officer and Chief Officer (Leyland Line), Portland, Maine and Montreal (2 voyages)

01/08 - 09/08

SS Suevic First Officer, White Star Line, Glasgow

14/08 - 15/08/1926

SS Regina, Second Officer, Leyland Line, Montreal and New York - 11 voyages


29/01 - 12/12

SS Ceramic, Second Officer, White Star Line, Australia, 2 voyages

11 March

Younger brother Edward (33 years old, living in Wellington New Zealand) lost overboard while working on the SS Waitemata. His body was never recovered.



Received R.D. decoration/medal according to his White Star Service record.

21 November

Released by the RNR with the rank of lieutenant commander, aged 45.


04/02 - 28/02

SS Regina, Second Officer, White Star Line, New York

03/03 - 26/03

SS Baltic Second Officer, White Star Line, New York

19/4 - 22/6

SS Laurentic, White Star Line, Canada

27/07 - 13/11/1930

SS Doric Second Officer/First Officer, White Star Line, Canada


Father George Edward Lowe passed away.


26 May

Retired from the White Star Line



Elected to Deganwy Ward of Conwy Borough council, for 2 terms, etiring at the end of his second term in 1938


19 November

Nearly drowned in the Conway river, at Deganwy.


During World War II he volunteers his home as a sector post

7th May

Navy records state "Air Raid Warden for district"


Suffers a stroke and began using a wheelchair.


12 May

Harold Lowe dies aged 61, of hypertension

16 May

Lowe's funeral takes place and his body is buried at Llandrillo-yn-Rhos churchyard in Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales.


10th of February

Wife Ellen "Nellie" Lowe died


A menu of the first meal ever served aboard Titanic, which Lowe had sent to his fiancée when the ship was docked in Ireland, sells for £51,000, breaking the record for auctioned Titanic memorabilia at the time.


A slate plaque in Lowe's memory is hung on the centennial anniversary of Titanic's sinking in Barmouth, Gwynedd, Wales.


20 June

A large number of Lowe's belongings are sold at an auction at Henry Aldridge & Son, including his whistle, telescope, artwork and bicorn hat


14 November

The second auction (part two) of a large number of Lowe's belongings are sold at an auction at Henry Aldridge & Son, including rare photographs, sextant, newspaper and books.

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