Chief Officer Wilde - Timeline


Elizabeth Tingle of Loxley, Bradfield, Yorkshire, is born


Henry Wilde, an insurance surveyor from Ecclesfield, South Yorkshire, is born


Parents Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle marry


Florence, born in 1860, dies when she is aged 4


Frederick Tingle Wilde is born in Liverpool


Ada Elizabeth Wilde is born in Walton on the Hill


6 June

Father Henry dies of hepatitis just three and a half months before his son Henry is born.

21 September

Henry Tingle Wilde born in Walton on the Hill, north of Liverpool, England.

24 October

Henry Wilde is christened at the Loxley Congregational Chapel in Loxley, Sheffield


16 January

Mary Catherine Jones ("Pollie") is born


Mother, Elizabeth, dies when Henry is 9 years old


23 October

Wilde begins a 4 year apprenticeship on the Greystoke Castle


23 October - 5 December

Signs on to his apprenticeship sailing ship - the Greystoke Castle - as 3rd mate, for 1 month 13 days

15 December

Pays the fee for his BOT Second Mate certification


8 January

Passes his Second Mate certification. His address is listed as 155 Rice Lane, Walton.

15/2 - 14/1/95

Third mate on Hornby Castle (10 months 21 days)


23/3 - 16/6

Third mate on SS Brunswick (2 months 25 days)

17/6 - 10/7

Promoted to Second mate on SS Brunswick (24 days)

29 July

Passes First mate BOT application

10/8 - 8/12

Second mate, SS Brunswick (3 months 29 days)

20/12 - 6/4/96

Second mate, SS Brunswick (3 months 18 days)


30/6 - 24/9/96

Second mate SS Europa (2 months 26 days)

29/9 - 12/1/97

Second mate SS Europa (3 months 14 days )


15/1 - 23/4/97

Second mate SS Europa (3 months 10 days)

17 May

Passes his Masters Certificate, address listed as 157 Rice Lane, Walton

15 July

Attempts his Extra Masters certificate but fails in Navigation

16 July

Joins the White Star Line

July - January 1898

Fourth officer, SS Cevic


January - April

Fourth officer, SS Cufic


Qualifies to render "First Aid to the Injured" from the "St John Ambulance Association" (stamp on his Extra Masters certificate)

April - Sept

Fourth officer, promoted to Second Officer, SS Tauric (2 months 10 days)

3rd August

Henry Wilde and Mary Catherine Jones ("Pollie") are married

September - Oct 1899

Second officer, SS Delphic


November - May 1900

Second officer, SS Cufic


9th July

Passes his Extra Masters certificate, having failed previously on the 15 July 1897

19 July

Certificate issued in Liverpool to his new address - 54 Grey Road, Walton, Liverpool


Frederick Tingle Wilde dies


Daughter Jane Elizabeth Wilde born at Walton-on-Hill, Liverpool


First officer aboard the SS Persic, Liverpool to Sydney, age 28, arriving 7 Dec 1901


9 May

First officer, SS Persic, Liverpool to Sydney

26 June

Receives a Royal Naval Rerserve commission rank Sub Lieutenant

3 November

Still aboard the Persic on the Australia route, he writes a letter to his sister-in-law Annie: I don't want to come out this way anymore. I have been more than twelve months in this ship now, and that is more than usual for me to stay in one ship."


11/2 - 6/3

Second officer, SS Cedric, on its maiden voyage

11/3 - 3/4

Second officer, SS Cedric

10/4 - 3/5

Second officer, SS Cedric


Second officer, SS Cedric


Second officer, SS Cedric

31/7- 23/8

Second officer, SS Cedric

25/9/ - 18/10

Second officer, SS Cedric

18/11 - 11/12

Second officer, SS Cedric


4.1. - 26.2.

Aboard the HMS Defiance for Navy training - Torpedo training, acting lieutenant (2nd class Torpedo certificate)

27.2- 22.4

HMS Cambridge, Gunnery training (2nd class Gunnery certificate)


Gunnery certificate - 2nd class

23 April - 29 April

HMS Vivid - "time only"

27.4 - 29.4

HMS Endymion, Navy training

30.4- 10.5

HMS Kent, Navy training "V.G."

11.5 - 30.11

HMS Endymion, Navy training "V.G."

8th August

10.45pm Collision with Norwegian sailing ship, the Ruth

9th August

Henry Owen Wilde born

1 Dec - 17 April 1905

HMS Cumberland Navy training - "Satisfactory. An excellent officer, trustworthy ."


18 April - 22 April

HMS Cumberland, Navy training

23 April - 26 April

HMS Victory - Navy training

12 June

Listed as Lieutenant RNR

03/06 -28/7

First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston


First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston

11/8 - 1/9

First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston

4/9 - 29/9

First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston

30/9 - 28/10

First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston

28/10 - 25/11

First officer, Arabic - Liverpool to Boston

15/12 - 3/4

First Officer, RMS Celtic - Liverpool to New York


3/4 - 30/4

First Officer, RMS Celtic - Liverpool to New York

8/5 - 15/9

Promoted to Chief Officer, RMS Medic - Liverpool to Australia

13 August

George Arnold Wilde is born


7/2 - 19/6

Chief Officer, RMS Medic - Liverpool to Australia

3/7 - 5/11

Chief Officer, RMS Medic - Liverpool to Australia

19/11 - 27/3/08

Chief Officer, RMS Medic - Liverpool to Australia


27/3 - 4/5

Chief Officer, RMS Cedric - Liverpool to New York


Chief Officer, RMS Medic - Liverpool to Australia

4th May - 6th June

Captain, Mersey, Australia

12 September - 26 June 1909

Chief Officer, serving under Captain Inman Sealby on the SS Canopic - Mediterranean service


Nancy Annie Wilde born


Henry Wilde's father-in-law Owen Jones is in ill health (throat cancer) and asks Henry to be an Executor of the Will - showing that he held his son-in-law in high esteem.

9th March

Henry writes a letter from Naples while Chief Officer of the SS Canopic: "We sail from Naples tomorrow at 5pm with a big 3rd class list, but very few Saloon passengers. I think we have about 1200 3rd class and 200 2nd class and we also pick up another 200 at the Azores where we are due on the 16th. We are due at Boston on the 22nd but I don’t expect to be there until the early morning of the 23rd owing to the foul state of the ship underneath the water having been out of dry dock for nearly 7 months."

27/3 - 3/4

Chief Officer, Cymric - Liverpool to Boston

29/5 - 27/6

Chief Officer, Laurentic - Liverpool to Montreal

8/7 - 31/7

Chief Officer, Laurentic - Liverpool to Montreal

18/09 - 11/10

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool - New York

11/10 - 7/11

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York

8/11 - 5/4/10

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York


13 April

Father-in-law Owen Jones dies

10/6 - 3/7

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York

29/8 - 26/9

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York


Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York

16 November

Twins Richard and Archie born


Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York,

1 December

Archie dies aged 14 days and twin Richard dies shortly thereafter aged 25 days

24 December

Wife Pollie dies aged 38 from Pyelitis of pregnancy, phlebitis pulmonary and pneumonia, likely from complications from the recent pregnancy

28 December

Mary Catherine "Pollie" Wilde buried at Kirkdale Cemetary, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.


14th January

Wilde alters his last will and testament to ensure that his children are cared for in the event of his death. His brothers-in-law Richard Owen Jones and Owen Jones Williams are to be the Executors and Trustees of his will and estate.

15th January - 10th February

Returns to RNR training at the Royal Naval Barracks in Devonport. Training is listed as "With sobriety & satisfactorily."

16 January

Probate announcement of Mary Catherine Jones' death and probate of £4938 (£594,823 in 2020).

10 February

Listed as aboard the HMS Vivid and marked as "VG" - 1st Gunnery

15/2 - 13/3

Chief Officer, Megantic - Liverpool to Portland

7/4 - 5/5

Promoted to Master (Captain), Zeeland - Liverpool to Boston

11/5 - 6/6

Chief Officer, Teutonic - Liverpool - Montreal

4/7 - 8/7

Chief Officer, Cedric - Liverpool to New York

6/7- 2/8

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

9/8 - 26/8

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

26/8 - 16/9

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

16/9 - 22/9

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

16/12 - 6/1/12

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York


6/1 - 31/1

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

7/2 - 28/2

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

9/3 - 30/3

Chief Officer, Olympic - Southampton to New York

30 March

Writes letter from onboard the Olympic to eldest daughter Jennie "I am not sailing in this ship on Wednesday but going to join the Titanic. All arrangements are upset now owing to the coal strikes."

31 March

In a letter to sister-in-law Annie, Wilde states he is indeed going to take command of Cymric

7 April

He is onboard Titanic working hard getting the ship ready, but not sure if he is sailing aboard her. He writes to his sister Ada's daughters Norah and Edie on April 7th 1912 - "I am on the "Titanic" but I am not sure I am sailing on her yet... If I go on this ship we sail on Wednesday and will be back in 17 days."

9th April

2.30pm Telegram from White Star Line headquarters in Liverpool confirms Wilde as Chief Officer of the Titanic, replacing William Murdoch who steps down to First Officer.

10th April

Noon Chief Officer Wilde is photographed on the prow of Titanic as it departs Southampton on its maiden voyage, supervising men at work.

After 'clearing the Nab Lightship' (east of the Isle of Wight) George Symons, a lookout, asks Second Officer Lightoller regarding missing binoculars who in turn raises it with Chief Officer Wilde who confirms he is already aware of it.

11th April

Writes two letters which are then posted at Queenstown including one to his oldest daughter, 11 year old Jennie.

11.30am According to Carpathia officer James Bisset, Chief Officer Wilde is given a kickback, or subsidy to limit the number of vendors allowed on board during their stop at Queenstown.

12th April

Evening Fourth Officer Boxhall, discusses with Chief Officer Wilde an ice report from the French ship the La Touraine,

14th April

2pm - 6pm Final watch. Discusses with Fourth Officer Boxhall turning the 'corner' at 5.50pm.

11:50pm Forecastle inspection

15th April

12:10am Uncovering the lifeboats

12:20am Begins loading the Lifeboats; Wilde is superintending the overall lifeboat evacuation

1:00am Lifeboat no.8 - takes charge of loading and lowering

1:10 am Port list rebalancing

1:15am Guns issued, initiated by Chief Officer Wilde

1:25am Lifeboat 14

1:30am Lifeboats 12 & 16

1:45am Lifeboat no.2

1:50am Lifeboat no.10

2:00am Collapsible C & Ismay

2.05am Collapsible D

20th April

Liverpool Echo newspaper runs a small article, under the headline "Liverpool's Officer's Alleged Suicide"

22nd April

In a Daily Post (Liverpool) article, the family make a statement: "The relatives in Liverpool of Lieutenant Wilde are very indignant at the report that he shot himself shortly after the disaster happened. Lieutenant Wilde's relatives say he was not the sort of man to shoot himself while duty called him."

12th July

Probate Report: Wilde Henry Tingle, of 25 Grey Road, Walton, Liverpool. Ships Officer. Probate registered London, 12th July to Richard Owen Jones rubber merchants clerk and Owen Jones Williams estate agent. Effects: £6783.3.9d.

27th December

Titanic Relief Fund receives recommendations of the Liverpool Area Committee in regards to financial assistance to the Wilde children.


28th May

Mr. Owen Jones Williams (one of the Guardians of the Wilde children ) writes to the Titanic Relief Fund requesting additional financial assistance.

8th June

Titanic Relief Fund reads letter from Mr. Owen Jones Williams (one of the Guardians of the Wilde children) and interviews him in person, recommends that an additional sum of five guineas (£5 5/-) per year, as from the 1st July, 1914, for three years, be paid toward the cost of their education, the amounts to be charged to the apprenticeship grant and payable quarterly on the 1st day of each quarter. Further consideration of the case to be given at the expiration of the three years.


3rd June

Titanic Relief Fund receives a visit from Eleanor Smith, the widow of Captain Smith, anxious that they "consider her claim that the allowance, in respect of the four children of Mr. Wilde the First Officer, should be reconsidered.""


Henry Owen Wilde, the elder of the two Wilde boys, ships to sea as an apprentice, following in his father's footsteps.


Henry Owen Wilde dies, aged 72-73.


Walter Lord, labels Henry Wilde the ‘enigma of the night’ - in his book The Night Lives On, p. 116


Author Dan Van der Vat (who co-authored the Titanic conspiracy book, Riddle of the Titanic, with Robin Gardiner in the same year) writes an article for the Daily Post, in Liverpool, entitled "Victim of Wilde Speculation".



Grandson Chris Bayliss goes public with a display of artefacts including letters, photographs and his Captain cap.


22nd October

Auctioneer Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd puts on sale an archive of personal letters written by Henry Wilde dating from 1884 through to March 1912.