Captain E.J. Smith - Life in Pictures

According to the BBC this is an early,
undated photograph of a young
Edward Smith standing infront of
the ship Essex (in this BBC article).
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Victorian locket belonging to his wife Eleanor, who wore this locket with her husband's photograph in it until her death in 1931

An early photograph of Smith before he grew a full beard, from the article "The Masters of the Sea" "that appeared in Town & Country magazine April 19, 1902
(courtesy of Gregg Jasper)

Captain Smith in the 1890s (Image: Encyclopedia Titanica)

Captain Edward "Ted" Smith,
while Captain of the Majestic in 1895.

Captain Smith in an undated image.

Captain Smith aboard the Majestic circa 1903.

Captain Smith aboard the
Baltic in 1905. (Photograph: Joseph Marshall)
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Captain Smith posing with passengers aboard the Baltic in 1905 (Photograph Joseph Marshall). (Click to enlarge)

An undated photograph of Edward Smith
in RNR uniform. (Click image to enlarge)

A digital recreation of the portrait of Captain Smith on the wall of the Hanley Town Hall. The portrait has been recreated from a variety of sources.
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Captain Smith and his officers aboard the Adriatic. Second on the left from Smith, looking down at some paper/book, is first officer William Murdoch
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Captain Smith leads his officers on an
inspection of the ship - RMS Adriatic.
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Captain Smith standing aboard the RMS Adriatic (click to enlarge)

A close up of Captain Smith aboard the Adriatic (click to enlarge)

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Captain Edward John Smith seen with his
trademark cigar and his pet Borzoi or Russian
wolfhound - White Star R.M.S. Adriatic c.1907
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A photograph of Smith that accompanied the "R.M.S. TITANIC: Hardbound Journal of Commerce report into the Titanic Inquiry (British), printed by the Journal of Commerce in 1912 (Credit Connor Nelson)

Captain Smith poses on the starboard side
of the officer's quarters aboard RMS Olympic
in 1911. (Click to enlarge)

Captain Smith and the Olympic's officers. Standing: First Officer William Murdoch, Purser Hugh McElroy, Purser Claude Lancaster, 2nd Officer Robert Hume. Seated: Captain EJ Smith, Dr O’Loughlin. (Click to enlarge)

Olympic's officers. Standing: Standing: Purser Hugh McElroy
3rd Officer Henry O. Cater, 2nd Officer Robert Hume,
4th Officer David W. Alexander, 6th Officer Harold Holehouse.
Seated: 5th Officer Alphonse Martin Tulloch, Chief Officer Joseph Evans,
Captain Edward John Smith, and 1st Officer William McMaster Murdoch.
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Olympic's officers (slightly different shot from above). Standing: Purser McElroy, Cater, Hume, Alexander, Holehouse. Seated: Tulloch, Evans, Captain Smith, Murdoch.
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Smith with his Olympic's officers in summer white uniforms.
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Captain Smith aboard the Olympic 1911.

Captain Smith and his Olympic's officers seated in summer white uniforms, at lifeboat no.6. (8.) (Click image to enlarge)

Captain Smith and Olympic's senior officers standing on the
starboard wing bridge. First officer Murdoch stands to the left,
a little detached from the main group.
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Above and right: Captain Smith on the boat deck of RMS Olympic, June 1911, with Lord William J Pirrie, chairman of Harland and Wolff (click to enlarge).

Captain Smith in his summer white uniform
aboard R.M.S Olympic, 1911
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A newspaper article about the Olympic
emphasising Smith's "serious responsibility."
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Smith again with Lord Pirrie,
this time in New York and in his summer uniform.

Captain Smith is filmed standing on the starboard side of Olympic's navigation bridge.

Studio portrait of E. J. Smith taken in New York in 1909,
showing Smith without his uniform or cap.
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Captain Smith leaning out of the starboard
wing cab of the Olympic, as he would later
moments after Titanic's brush with an iceberg.
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Captain Edward John Smith standing outside the portside Officer Quarters on the boat deck of Titanic while she was at Southampton during the morning of 10th April, 1912
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Above and right: Captain Smith in one of three different photographs taken of him on Titanic's forward port boat deck. (Click images to enlarge)

Captain Edward John Smith poses on Titanic's portside of the bridge on the morning of April 10th, in the only known photograph of Smith on Titanic's bridge.
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Captain Smith looks down from Titanic's
starboard wing cab as the tender Ireland
comes along side at Queenstown.
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Captain Smith with Purser McElroy outside the door way to the Officer Quarters while Titanic lay at anchor off Roches Point, Queenstown (now Cobh) in Ireland on the 11th April, 1912. This is the last known photograph of Smith.
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Panel portrait of Captain Edward John
Smith from a 1912 post-sinking memorial
card, remembered by the catch-phrase
"Be British," allegedly his final words,
although there is little evidence he
actually said this. (Click image to enlarge)